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    Peterson AFB, CO - Schools

    There are over 10 school districts near Peterson Air Force Base for school-age children. Enrollment into nearby schools is dependent on the move-in date of your home or the date on your rental contract. If residing on Peterson Air Force Base, children will attend District 11 schools.

    For more information about specific school enrollment requirements, contact the Education Office at 719-556-4064 or DSN 834-4064.

    School Name School District Phone Number
    Colorado Springs D11 Colorado Springs District 11 (719) 520-2000
    Falcon D49 Falcon District 49 (719) 495-1100
    Fountain-Fort Carson D8 Fountain-Fort Carson District 8 (719) 382-1300
    Widefield D3 Widefield School District 3 (719) 391-3000
    Harrison D2 Harrison School District 2 (719) 579-2000